Understanding Your Emailed Traffic Reports

This is for new clients so they can better understand their monthly emailed traffic reports.

Every month we send you a traffic report showing hits on your domain, and we have an example to demonstrate a typical report for a brand new (out of the gate) SEO Site. This was a report for one of our Calgary customers after their first month of activity.

SEO Site In First Month Period

SEO Site In Third Year Period (loan industry – very high traffic industry)


You will notice four main columns and the most IMPORTANT column to you is the Unique Visitors column, which I have surrounded with red lines.

As time goes on (weeks, months, years) the unique visitors level climbs (a lot), and this is the data we focus on the most, because the Unique Visitor number represents the number of different computers that have accessed your SEO Site. This is the number of possible shoppers who were checking out your products and services – by day and by month.

You will see there are a lot more page loads than unique visitors – because each visitor may check out multiple pages of your site.

Also, amongst all this activity, please keep in mind that we have staff working on your site throughout the week. We have graphic design people working some days on your site, writers accessing your site weekly, Google Ad managers accessing your site, and of course I (Brent/Co-Owner) have to check your site each morning to make sure everything is loading and functional.

So in the early stages of your SEO site you will see a trickle of actual shoppers on your site and a lot more of our staff working on your site. As time goes on the number of page loads and unique visitors will climb and our staff hits will decline – only the writers will be accessing your site to add content, and I will be accessing your site once each morning.

I hope this helps you better understand the traffic reports we send you from our Statcounter account(s). Our job is to CRANK up the level of Unique Visitors to your site over time. The great part about our SEO Site Service that we are adding content throughout the week/month, and adding inbound links, so the older your site gets the more traffic it gets.


Brent Truitt

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