SEO Traffic Report for Calgary – “Free Real Estate Listing Web Sites”

Today’s report was created to see the average number of people using Google, Bing, and Yahoo! every month, trying to find web sites that allow free property/real estate/home listings. These people are searching for more exposure for the sale of their homes in Canada, Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton (etc.) who don’t want to pay for the online listing – a smart thing to search for.

We had to use all of our keyword data sources as usual and we had to drill down to the local market as much as possible (one again….as usual). First we are showing the average monthly traffic levels for all of Canada and in one column we have the extrapolated data for Calgary.

Search Phrase Average Per Month for Free Real Estate Listing Web Sites


We have drilled down to show the conservative estimate of traffic for these keywords. We do this during the extrapolation process. We’re certain there are more searches than this at 591, but this keeps things realistic, especially when our SEO site will capture a portion of this volume. This 591 volume is the estimated average per month, but a mature SEO site will capture more than this in total because of Yahoo!, Bing,,,, etc. Not to mention third party search engines like MyTelus, etc.

Now we will look at the competition levels for this niche.

Competition ScreenShots for Free Real Estate Listing in and





Summary of Competition Levels

You can see in these screenshots that there are a huge number of competing pages in, and for the various different phrase searches for free rental property listing sites, and free real estate listing sites just in Alberta and Calgary proper. The approach for this campaign is going to have to be unique, and we have come up with the strategy for the domain name choice and strong strategy for the type of content that has to be published throughout the week and throughout the month.

The reason this SEO site has to be a little different is because we have to build a domain that provides general tips for people trying to list their homes for rent and for sale. This way we can capture a lot more targeted traffic and not get into the business of listing properties ourselves.

So for this campaign we will have to promote our client with one of our own Alberta Listings Directories ( to enhance exposure in Bing, Yahoo!, and Google.

FYI – Google Trends for this niche – click here to see a Google Trend report for a global primary keyword in this niche. Note Calgary and Edmonton ranking in the #2 and #3 position.

If you are interested in owning this SEO Site, please contact us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours with our strategic goals for this campaign and how we plan to capture a large percentage of the traffic available.

On a side note, if you are looking for a good realtor in Calgary, check out this site.

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