SEO Report for Search Volume – Keyword Phrase “Landscape Design Companies” + “Water Landscaping Services”

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Today’s SEO report for search volume is in the landscape design vertical for Calgary and we will be using our proprietary software for extrapolating Canadian search volume in Google, Bing, and Yahoo to get an approximate average search volume for Calgary.

We are blending two different reports based on data samples from Wordtracker Pro, Google Adwords Keywords, Keyword Country, and finally Best Keywords.

There is a substantial amount of search traffic for landscape design services and water landscape designs, including the keywords around water landscaping.

Keyword Search Volume Report for Landscape Design in Canada/Calgary

Note the Calgary ONLY average search volume equals 2874 per month – this data is averaged over the months in 2011. Below we can see the Google Trends report to see the month to month fluctuations of traffic for landscape design services.

Google Trend Report for Landscape Design Proper

In the screenshot above we can see the Google Trend report showing the busy seasons in the years of 2007-2011. This is extremely predictable in North America. Keep in mind that the first SEO keyword report only shows the AVERAGE over all 12 months of 2011, so obviously we have a lot more search volume for landscape design companies and services in the spring and summer months. Quite a bit of traffic for these services which is comforting to know, as we want our client to enjoy a solid ROI from one of our proprietary SEO Sites.

Now we have to move on and do a report on the competition levels for the various keywords customers use to find landscape design companies in Calgary.

Competition Levels in Google Search

Competition for Keyword “Landscape Design Companies Calgary”

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Competition for Keyword “Water Landscaping Services Calgary”

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Competition for Keyword “Landscaping Designers Calgary”

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Competition Conclusion

As mentioned above, there is a lot of search traffic for landscaping design in Calgary, and a decent amount of traffic for landscaping design services specifically for water work too. We didn’t have enough room to add the traffic for WATERFALL design, but there is a substantial amount of traffic for those keywords as well.

Our job will be to build and manage one of our SEO Sites specifically tailored to win the top positions in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing ( and the rest as well). To do this we will have to choose the RIGHT domain name and add high quality content to beat out our competition for these services.

Judging by the quality of the competing web sites in Google for Calgary, we would be extremely successful after the 6 month building process.

We would get traffic immediately in Google Adwords, and after 4-6 months we would start the flood from natural and PPC traffic combined.

This campaign is currently available. Please contact us if your company is interested in dominating the major search engines for landscape design and/or water landscape design.


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