SEO Report for Financial Planning in Calgary

Below is our keyword search volume report for the financial planning vertical in Calgary. This is an extremely competitive search market, but we did find a hole in the competition. Will not publish the available domain we found here (we learned that lesson the hard way long ago).

The keyword traffic report below is for Calgary and only in – you can add another 26%-28% for Bing and Yahoo! for a general idea of the traffic total in the big three. 80% of Canadians use Google though.

Financial Planning + Services – Search Volume in Google

Google Trends Report of Financial Planning

This is just an FYI report which is taken from a data sample for all of Canada. Some companies are interested to see the search volume for their vertical(s) over the past years. This report can be viewed by clicking here. This report is for all of Canada and for the keyword phrase “financial planning”.

Keyword Phrase Competition Samples

Below are three different phrase queries in to find out the respective competition levels we are dealing with. The following screenshots were taken from (2012-02-24, 16:43:21). These are the three different search queries we ran;

  • financial planners calgary
  • financial planning calgary
  • financial services calgary

Financial Planners Calgary

Financial Planning Calgary


Financial Services Calgary



Highly competitive for primary keywords, but as you can see, there is a lot of room for grabbing traffic if the correct disciplines are applied.

The campaign we would run would be laser focused in PPC and in the organic/natural results.

Due to the competition levels we recommend an aggressive approach utilizing our ownership package. Why? Because our team will have to invest a lot of time in content creation to compete in this vertical. We can compete with the rental package, but not as effectively. Higher competition means more content, and content is costly.


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