SEO Report for Calgary Dentists

Today’s SEO report from is for Calgary dentists. There a lot of search traffic in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for dentistry services in Calgary.

First we will start with the search volume reports taken from Wordtracker Pro, Google Keyword Tools, Keyword Country, and Best Keywords. See the screenshots below please.

This is a very accurate report for search volume because there was no need to carry out our extrapolation method(s). These searches were verbatim from the data sample providers.

Take special note of the direct searches for dentists in the four quadrants of Calgary. We would build an SEO Site for the dentist’s specific quadrant – for example we would build and SEO Site with a domain something like CALGARYDENTISTSE.COM (and that domain is currently available for registry).

Now we have to look at the competition levels for the domain example we used about “CALGARYDENTISTSE.COM”.

Click the competition screenshots taken from below.

Click to Enlarge Please

Click To Enlarge Please

Now we can carry out a quick Google Trend report for the primary keyword “dentists”. Click here for full report please.

This just gives dentists a Google Trend report on the seasonal and yearly trends in the search market from Google’s data samples only. Bing and Yahoo account for about 35% of the market total and Google accounts for 65% of the market. Canadians use Google 80% of the time however. So Google is best trend to watch.

Conclusion of SEO Report

Judging by the quality and level of content on the top ranking sites for these keywords in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! we can see that there is some pretty solid competition for dentistry in Calgary, AND there is a lot of traffic in this market vertical.

Our goal would be to create an SEO Site for one specific Calgary quadrant as described in the example above.

Please understand how Google “works” regarding SEO time-lines, and the commitment required to completely dominate Calgary for dentist related keyword searches. Click here to see a graph of an SEO Timeline in a competitive market vertical.

Contact our sales team or our head office of you have any questions.

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