SEO Keyword Search Traffic Report – “I Want To Be Saved” for Calgary Church

Today’s keyword report is interesting because it regards a campaign for keywords phrase similar to “I want to be saved”, or “Jesus save me”. This report was created for a possible client of Calgary SEO Specialists (either way, we enjoy doing research and search engine traffic reports on all sorts of topics.

Initial keyword report for this traffic vertical – please click to enlarge;

You can see that this keyword report, for all of Canada, shows that there are close to 16,000 searches each month on average on the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). My best guess is there is more than that. Below is a very interesting search engine traffic report from Google Trends.

We use the keyword phrase “god save me” to get this result;

Quite the erratic graph. Usually the yearly dips and increases in search volume are virtually identical. Not in this case. We have found the search engine traffic for specific phrases is predictable from year to year. It’s clear that the North American population (and Canada of course) moves as a monolith.

Now the competition examples. All in – Please click to enlarge;

Search Phrase #1


Search Phrase #2


Search Phrase #3


See the different competition levels for these three search phrases. This is the kind of a research that has to be completed before a new campaign starts.

The Google Adwords competition locally here in Calgary is almost non-existent (so-far) so the click costs from Adwords would only be pennies per click. Also the click through rate (CTR) would be high due to the fact that there is no real competition to out bid for position.

This may be a campaign to be considered by a Calgary-based Christian organization.

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