SEO Keyword Report for “Discount Appliances Calgary” + “Scratch and Dent Appliances”

This is our keyword report we created for an interested party in Calgary, Alberta. Right to it;

See keyword report below – please click to enlarge;

Note the extrapolated search volume in Google for Calgary only. Notice that in the Google Trend snapshot taken below we are using the keyword, “scratch and dent”. We are focusing on this keyword because we discovered less competition and a strong search volume for this phrase.

Our STRONG recommendation is to go for the keyword “scratch and dent appliances calgary”. We have the required domain available as well.

Please see the Google trend snapshot for the primary target keyword;

And the best data;

Below are two snapshots from Google showing a competition comparison between the two main keyword search phrases. We HIGHLY recommend that our build be centered around the keyword “scratch and dent appliances calgary”. We can be first in line and our competition will be out of luck in the years to come.

Competition comparison between two top keyword phrases;

We can compete for the search term above and succeed, but it will take longer in the naturals, and it looks like there may be more search volume for the term shown below anyway.



Usually there are some tight decisions in regards to the pay-off of competing for the higher competition keyword(s) for a trickle of that traffic, OR going for the lower competition keyword(s) and dominating that traffic.

Not this time. The volume is increasing for the lower competing keyword, and since there is so little competition, this is the “cash cow”.

The domain is available that we need for this campaign.

Status of Campaign

“This campaign in not currently taken”

Please advise Mel – No contract

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