SEO Keyword Phrase Search Report for “Carpets Calgary”

Note: We have already purchased the domains, CARPETSCALGARY.CA, and CARPETSCALGARY.COM for a client, in order to take them off the market – that pretty well wipes out the primary keyword domains left for this market vertical in the City of Calgary, Alberta.

This is a very competitive market in the carpet retailing and carpet installation business, but nothing we can’t compete in due to the competition’s general lack of content growth, frequency, and CMS platform(s).

Avg. Phrase Search Total (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

Below is a screen shot from for competing pages.

Competing Pages in

In the long run our client’s ROI will be much higher if we approach SEO from a content driven campaign, and dominate Google in the natural/organic search results. This is because PPC (Adwords etc.) is becoming more and more expensive. Click here for the difference between natural results and paid results please.

The long term goal is to have our client #1 in Google when a shopper searches CARPET CALGARY, CALGARY CARPET, or CARPETS CALGARY, etc., etc.

The short term goal is to be indexed on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo for various keyword phrases, which we will do with weekly postings from our content team. Full indexing should take 6-8 months – traffic trickle will begin in one month, and grow from there.

Please see our SEO timelines post here.

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