SEO Analysis For Calgary Portable Toilet Company + Keyword Report

Update – This campaign is now taken by a Calgary based company that rents top-of-the-line portable toilets.

So here we have our first free SEO consultation for a business owned and operated in Calgary. This is a small business (so far) and they are ready to start growing their business bigger. To do that they need to have more potential customers seeing their offer, and contacting them.

Enter the Internet.

So with our Calgary SEO service we do things differently than some of our competitors. We don’t charge Calgary-based (or Alberta-based) businesses for a free keyword report, search engine traffic report, competition analysis, or the market trend report. We do that for free and we publish this work here on our site.

We like to get all of this work done up front so that our potential customers can see for themselves the opportunity they have to capitalize on search engine traffic.

When you can see the amount of traffic in Google, the competition level, and we can tell you how difficult it will be to compete for this traffic, you can make a sound decision on whether or not we will be able to provide you with a good ROI.

So let’s get started on this free SEO report and business vertical case study.

First – The Level of Competition On Google

The first thing we have to look at is the competing pages in the Google search engine index, and see what we are up against. You can either search the term for yourself in Google, or you can simply view the image below to see the competing pages for the primary keyword this small business what’s to dominate for.

The primary keyword for this business is portable toilets – and the city they want to be #1 is in Calgary. So we will add the primary keyword to the City name, and we get portable toilets calgary.

When we do a search for portable toilets Calgary you see that the competing pages show approximately 39,500 results. Now try that with the word toilet in singular form as portable toilet calgary – what do you see? The competing pages just jumped to 93,000 results. So now we know what not to do. We want to target the plural keyword phrase of course. At first we want to get the “low hanging fruit” and then later will will grow the domain over time and we will swoop in for ALL the fruit.”

Please keep in mind that the number of competing pages you see in the results of any Google search query can be different depending on these factors listed below;

  • what IP location you are accessing Google from (Province, City, Country).
  • if you use or if you use (TIP: if you are accessing Google search from an IP that is not in the USA, use this URL it will force Google to give you the United States results ( In our case here at Calgary SEO Specialists we always want to see the results, because the potential customers that search for products and services in Calgary on Google wil be redirected to the results – even if they don’t know it.
  • use of plural or singular words in the keyword search phrase

Number of Competing Pages In For Target Keywords

Also shown in this image you can see the competition in the paid for (PPC) results from the Google Adwords advertising network, and the competition in the FREE listings (A.K.A – “organic” or “natural results”). Paid results in orange and the free results in black.


Market Vertical Trend –¬†From Google Search Data

Next we have to move to the “market trend”, or “vertical” for this small business based out of Calgary. This is ALWAYS illuminating for business owners, because they can see when their peak season is and when their slow season is. In the portable restroom business it’s pretty obvious when companies in this vertical are going to have to be rolling up their sleeves and getting the phone calls coming.

These business vertical trends are invaluable, because you can see exactly what your business activities are going to look like every year – then you can PLAN around it. We use these business trends when consulting Calgary-based businesses, so we can plan ahead on when to save money with the Google Adwords network advertising (PPC). In the downward trend of the year, they may choose to save their advertising dollars because they are not converting paying customers much during that time.

From the trend graph below we can see that the summer is booming and the winters roll back considerably. Good to know. The swing in search traffic between the winter and summer for this business vertical is fairly extreme. Most search traffic trends are more steady than this. Remember though – most of the units these rental businesses are making money during the winter months – recurring revenue.

Image of Calgary Business Seasonal Trend

Free Keyword Analysis For Calgary-Based Small Business

Next, we move on to the free keyword report for this Calgary business. This is interesting to say the least, and I have to explain the source of this data a little bit.

When you use the free Google keyword report tool you have to know how to interpret the data. In this small business market analysis we have to set Google’s keyword tool for Canada (can’t set it for a specific city). So, this means we have to look at all the keyword numbers for Canada and extrapolate the data – meaning we have to make an “educated guess” on the search activity that would be there for the city of Calgary. This is difficult to put into one sentence (or ten sentences), so I will make it brief.

What I do is look at the top 25 keywords that DIRECTLY relate to the service that the Calgary-based business. I look at the monthly search volume for those keywords Canada-wide. Then you need to multiple those results by 2 because this report is only for the Google search network. Don’t forget there are other search engines – Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. etc.

So after we run the “keyword equation” (as I like to call it) we divide that number by 15. Why 15? That is the number that I have tested over the years, and when I use that divider the numbers come down to the actual traffic that one of our customer’s SEO Sites gets. Here is the equation it total.

Number of primary keyword searches in a month for Canada X the 2 = KeyTotal

KeyTotal √∑ 15 = Expected search traffic for one major city in Canada (in this case, Calgary of course)

Below is a picture I created showing the keyword searches for this vertical. Notice that the results are obviously rounded numbers. Google does this a lot – they show rounded estimated based on a data sample.

Total Keyword Searches Per Month for Canada in this Vertical


Now how to we interpret all of the above data, and make a sound judgement on how aggressive the campaign has to be? Good question, and I will try give a simple answer.

  • competition is really low for target keyword
  • there is ample search activity to bring a stream of customers to the SEO Site using FREE traffic and paid for traffic
  • the SEO Site we build would be in the top results within three weeks after the launch
  • the pay-per-click costs would be minimal (maybe $30-$50 dollars max)

Status of This Campaign With Calgary SEO Specialists

“Sorry – this campaign is taken”

We already have a customer for this vertical and business model for Calgary. We won’t cross-compete.

However, if you have the same business model in another Province, or City in Canada, we can run a similar campaign. The company we are doing this for is going to be BUSY next summer.

Contact Us For a Free a Market Analysis

Please contact us for a free report like this one. We would be happy to do the research and perhaps take your business to the top the search engines!

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