SEO Analysis for Business Phone Systems in Alberta (Province Wide)

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This SEO analysis report is for the market of business phone systems, and currently we don’t currently have a customer in this vertical. We are going to be competing for all of Alberta in’s search results, so the competition is fairly stiff – easily doable, but all the Ts and Is have to be crossed.

This is an exciting search report because there is a lot of traffic streaming through Google looking for this exact product/service.

So let’s look at the keyword traffic first.

Keyword Search Report for Canada Wide (business phone systems)

The same keyword extrapolations used from 4 keyword report providers, we use in all our reports – Wordtracker, Best Keywords, Google Adwords reports, and Keyword Country. Being this is for a local market (Province of Alberta) you have to dig down into the reports to get the numbers for Alberta. See this post for how we handle extrapolations for one Province.

Ok – so now we know there is some pretty serious traffic in this vertical. Next we need to see the vertical trend for the year, to see when you would want to be the most aggressive (more content added to the site, and higher Adwords bids).

Google Trend Report for “Business Phone Systems”

I have never seen a trend so tight in regards to fluctuations. I would like to know from an actual company if this trend is what they are seeing. See the pronounced dips in searching Google for the primary keyword(s) in late February, 2011. Competition Level for Primary Keyword


Conclusion of SEO Report

The KEY factor in this vertical is the competing pages. Over 8 million. So this means we have to get serious about the structure of the SEO Site, and the back end.

You would need to be running a content management system on the back-end (Joomla/Wordpress). The linking structure of the CMS has to be configured in such a way that the company’s existing site is getting the Google bumps (links), and the SEO Site is getting them too.

This market is currently ripe for the picking. We know exactly what domain name to buy (and it’s currently not taken), and we know exactly how to place it at the top of Google’s results.

Status of This Campaign

“This campaign is now taken”

If you have a business that provides this product/service, and would like to have our team go to work and launch it,  you can call us for further information, OR;

If you are ready to go, click here to subscribe. This is a 5 minute process for you and then we take it from there. We will have the domain secured and the site will start being built within 48 hours. We will have the site in Google’s results within 10 days, and climbing from there.

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