SEO Traffic Reports for BC, AB, SK, MB (two way radio)

Last week we created a search engine traffic report for two way radios in Calgary and today we are going create a report for two way radios in western Canada, using four domains – one for each Province (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba). We will have to use our proprietary extrapolation method for all of these reports.

Before we present the traffic reports, you can view Google’s Global Trend for two radio searches here.

Traffic Report for British Columbia

Traffic Report for Alberta

Traffic Report for Saskatchewan

Traffic Report for Manitoba


Competition for Two Radio Searches in BC, AB, SK, MB

Below are four screen shots showing the competition levels in Google for the primary keyword, which is our target over time.

Google Competition for BC

Google Competition for AB

Google Competition for SK

Google Competition for MB

Notes on Competition Levels

In the competition screenshots above you can see that this is a very competitive marketplace. Note the number of results in Google;

  • British Columbia —> 42 million
  • Alberta —> 12 million
  • Saskatchewan —> 2.5 million
  • Manitoba —> 13.5 million

To beat the competition in the short term (in all Provinces) we can do that using Google Adwords campaigns and have our client in the top advertising results of Google. See this post to understand the difference between paid for advertising results, and non-paid for natural results in Google.

In the long term we can take the top NATURAL results (non-advertising) of Google with focused content published multiple times per week. This long term strategy is where the real gold is and requires a long-term committment using all of our SEO disciplines (frequent content updates from good writers, inbound linking, etc.).

This level of competition is not overwhelming by any stretch. Watch this video to see how our team has won top positions in Google competing with higher competition levels. Please understand though, that these clients made a long-term commitment with us and it took us 1.5 years to begin getting the highest positions in Google, and 2.5 years to ultimately dominate Google’s search results in the non-paid results.

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