Search Engine Traffic Report for “Vacation Packages from Saskatoon” (Canada)

Here is our traffic report for search in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! specifically for travelers looking for vacation packages out of Saskatoon.

So there is a strong volume of Google traffic for the keyword phrase, “vacation packages from Saskatoon” and all of the surrounding varieties in those keys.

The best news is that with the right domain name choice, and a reasonably strong campaign we can take the top ranking in Google’s PPC results within a couple weeks, and within 4 months take the top positions in the natural/organic results (so-called free results) – see the difference here. This can vary depending on the competition we are up against as far as how long it will take to win the top three results in Google, but with the right content and setup it’s very much a slam dunk. The reason I say this is because of the low number of competing results in Google’s index.

So below we have the complete build on this free report.

Competition – Please Click Image to Enlarge


Please notice the most important part of this screenshot – the “competing results” number Google has provided for us. This shows that this is an untapped keyword phrase with a lot of traffic for the grabbing. This is the good news. If this number was something like 3 million+ then it would be a very different campaign – more expensive, time consuming, and resource “hungry”.

Now we have to look at the actual search engine traffic these keyword phrases are garnishing.

Traffic for Keyword Phrases Like “Vacation Packages from Saskatoon” Click image to view please.


The total volume of search for vacation packages from Saskatoon is strong, and we did not even have to do an extrapolation for this search volume. The data sources we use showed enough volume whereby the words “Saskatoon”, “Vacation”, and “Packages” were typed in various combinations.

Last, we will look at the overall global trend of the search term “vacation packages”. We have to go global on this report because Google Trends only shows trend results with the higher volume keywords. Nevertheless, this image shows a very close resemblence to what the trend would be in Canada. I’m sure that people working in the travel agency business in Canada would attest to this seasonal trend.

Google Trend for “Vacation Packages” – Please Click Image to View


You can see the trend for vacation packages didn’t even slow down from the recession, which is rare. Almost ALL trend reports we have done on-site so far show the trends dropping in the different verticals since the crash of 2008-2009.


There is a gaping hole in this market for Google, Bing and Yahoo! search, that is wide open for the taking. Our team has already identified the perfect domain name for the SEO Site we would build for the campaign. We also have the writers and bloggers standing by and ready to go.

If you are interested in dominating Google for these keywords in Canada, please see our service rates and descriptions for more information.


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