Search Engine Traffic Report for “Small Business Accountants, “Chartered Accounts”, Etc. – Calgary

Here is our search engine traffic report for the search phrase, small business accountants, and the extrapolation for the Calgary market. Alberta would be more of course. Please see keyword report below;

Search Engine Traffic Report for Small Business Accountants

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Google Trend Graph for Keyword Searches Related to “Small Business Accountants”, “CPA”, and “Charter Accounts” Competition Screenshot

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Only 355,000 competing pages in, which falls into the “light competition” category, however there is still an aggressive approach required, and this campaign has to have a CMS running on the back-end. WordPress in this case for sure.

There are some good domains available to help us get a good placement. That would likely take a month to 6 weeks in the natural/organic/free results.

Our Adwords management team would be the ones creating the traffic in the first few weeks, and then a combination of natural/free traffic and PPC would start bringing up the traffic levels. The best aspect of our SEO Sites is that the traffic increases every month, and every year going forward.

Status of Campaign

“This campaign is currently available as of: 17:08:24, 2012-02-01”

If you are interested in this campaign, please contact us for more information.

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