Search Engine Traffic Report for “Calgary Real Estate Agents”

This is our report for the keyword search phrase, “calgary real estate agents“. As you can well imagine, this is a popular search phrase in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

In the United States the search traffic is VERY high in their different regional markets, and the campaign we build for this specific niche keyword would garnish a lot of search engine traffic globally. You have to keep this mind when viewing this report, because we are going to present the data for this search term Canada wide, and Calgary specific.

So let’s get to it. Below is our keyword traffic report showing search volumes in the three major search engines (G,B,Y).

Keyword Traffic – Calgary Real Estate Agents

Click keyword report to enlarge.


Yearly and Monthly Search Trends

The data sample above was taken for the month of December 2011, so we need to show you the trend graph in this market over the year(s). Look at the trend for December(s). The traffic from the other months of a given year will vary of course.



Competition In Google Results for Primary Search Phrase

So now we have to show you the competition levels for the search phrase, “calgary real estate agents“.  Notice the results in Google below. Notice the PPC (pay-per-click advertising) areas of Google’s results, and the free (organic/natural) results. Our job is two-fold;

  • make sure your costs in the paid for results are as low as possible, and garnish the most targeted visitors as possible.
  • make sure the SEO Site® we manage for you ranks high in Google (our goal is #1 of course).

In the conclusion of this report (bottom) we will analyze all of the data and discuss our predictions on how successful this campaign can be in the free and natural search results.

Conclusion: Keyword Report for “Calgary Real Estate Agents”.

Competition for this keyword is mid-range at just over 3 million page results in’s index. HOWEVER, there is global traffic for this search term, and a lot of USA traffic as well. We don’t need a high percentage of the search engine traffic to swamp a real estate agent who doesn’t have the support staff to handle it. We do have the ability to slow traffic, if required, by throttling the PPC traffic up or down (good problem to have).

Status of This Campaign

Sorry – this campaign is now taken.

If you are a Calgary-based real estate agent, and you are interested in this campaign, feel free to call us for more information. If you are ready to go, please use the no-obligation subscription page. We will NOT provide this service to multiple real estate agents serving the Calgary area, so the first agent who subscribes will be the only agent getting this search engine traffic.

If you already have a web site, or web page promoting yourself, that’s fine. You need to employ our services to GET THE TRAFFIC. The SEO Site® we manage for you can send traffic directly to your existing site, your cell phone, or email. Your choice.



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