Search Engine Traffic Report for “Calgary Custom Home Builders”

Today’s search engine traffic report is specifically for the keyword search phrase “custom home builders”, and “custom home builders Calgary”.

There is solid traffic for custom home builders in Calgary, and the competition levels in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are surprisingly low for the primary keyword for Calgary alone. The home builder sites that rank on the top page of are fairly good, but nothing really extensive yet. This is still an undeveloped web battle in Calgary. (try New York – different story all together).

So first let’s look at the search engine traffic for the primary and secondary keywords.

Keyword Report for Calgary Custom Home Builders

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The average monthly search volume for “custom home builders” in the Calgary area, and searched all across Canada, is approximately 13-14 thousand in total. All extrapolation from Wordtracker, Best Keywords, Google Adwords, and Keyword Country. This is a large volume of users, and they are all looking for custom home builders based in Calgary (and surrounding areas).

Next we have to look at the competition in Google for the secondary keyword.

Competition Report In for Custom Home Builders

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The most important part of this Google screenshot is competing results number. In this case the competition is very light, showing extremely fertile ground online for some company to dominate in the results. Only 395,000 results.

See what our team at Calgary SEO Specialists is already competing with in Canada and the United States here in this video. Much more than 400,000 competing.

Next is the Google trend for the primary keyword.

Google Trend for Custom Home Builders

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You can see the obvious downturn for the primary keyword phrase “custom home builders”, which coincides with the state of the economy over the last 6 years. You can also see the quarterly, and monthly trend for search. The A-C tags represents articles that were published online related to the custom home builder vertical (business).

Some companies see this as fascinating because they may have never seen a graph showing the trends of their business model.

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