Search Engine Optimization Preliminary Campaign Report – “House Painting”

This is our search volume report for Google, Bing, and Yahoo! traffic in regards to the home/house painting industry in Calgary, Alberta.

Before we did this report we thought that all the traffic would be around the keyword phrase “residential painting”, but the main phrase really used the most in the search engines is, “exterior painting”. We have the right domain name chosen already and it’s available.

Phrase Traffic for House Painting in Calgary – Click Image to Enlarge


Competition Levels in this Vertical – Click Image to Enlarge

Fairly low, at around 1.5 million competing results, which is light. We have web properties winning search competing with over 120 million.



Basic Trend for Commercial Painting – Click Image to Enlarge

The Google trend report provides a basic idea on the seasonal trend for the house and home painting business.


This campaign is somewhat competitive, but far less competitive than most verticals and campaigns. We can win a lot of traffic for a client that works in the home painting business in Calgary. Please browse the site to read more about our team, and our skillsets.

We would build a site specifically designed to take the top page of Google for most all of these keywords.


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The CSEOS (Calgary SEO Specialists) staff maintain the is site in accordance with Google's webmaster guidelines. Different writers will be contributing from time to time.

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