Search Engine Optimization Analysis for Portable Sound Systems in Calgary

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Today we are diving into another vertical for the City of Calgary, Canada. This is a search engine optimization analysis for portable sound systems, and we are specifically targeting this one Canadian city.

Companies who sell this particular product, and want to be found in the top of Google’s, Bing’s, and Yahoo’s search results have to understand that the competition online is getting stronger and stronger. For them to get all of this coveted traffic from the search engines they need to have a SEO Site that provides exactly the right navigational traits, and content to satisfy the major search engines.

That is what we do best here at Calgary SEO Specialists. Below we present our process in regards to preliminary research. Without carrying out this research we would be walking blind in the dark, and our chances of dominating the search engine results for this product would be slight (to say the least).

Before we start this analysis, please read our page explaining the importance of a SEO Site©.

Keyword Report for the Search Phrase “Portable Sound Systems” in Calgary Market

By using all four major keyword report sources, we can get the traffic levels for this product for all of Canada. There isn’t a large enough data sample for just one City in Canada, so the keyword data companies can only give us the numbers on Canada in total. This is why we have to use a keyword extrapolation equation based on the population of Canada, Alberta, and Calgary. We use census data for all Provinces, Canadian cities, and then we break it down to Alberta’s total population.

This extrapolation gives a VERY good idea of the number of searches being made for the product on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Without this work being carried out, we have no idea if our investment in time, energy, and human resources will produce a worthy ROI.

Search Engine Competition Report – Google

Google gets approx. 65% of the search traffic, so we will use their search data to show competition levels for this product. Furthermore, 80% of Canadians use Google for search.

Google Search Traffic Trend for Portable Sound Systems

We like to add in this extra data for seasonal trends in Google search. We can see when our most profitable times of the year are, and when we will see dips in traffic and sales. Most companies don’t know this data is available, and these graphs are very helpful in planning promotions and capitalizing on the market fluctuations.

But the most important reason for showing this trend graph is the context of the report. Since it’s January at the time of this study, we know that the keyword data sample from Google is for the month of December. December is the highest traffic level, and that is every year.

So we know that the average search traffic will be less per month.



This is an excellent opportunity because of the low competition/traffic ratio. Because of the lack of competition our SEO Site® product would be in Google’s top search results within two weeks. In fact, the competition is low enough that paying for Adwords may not be required. We would have enough of the search share to keep our client (company that sells this product) busy moving product.

Status of This Campaign

This campaign is currently available.

If you would like to launch this campaign for your business, please call us for further information. If you want to subscribe to this campaign NOW, before a competitor does, click here for our easy three step subscription process.

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