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There is a new company offering SEO services in the Ottawa area. Calgary SEO Specialists has teamed up with Global Com to offer Ottawa SEO services and this is why you will want to consider them for your marketing campaigns.

  • SEO is really web marketing and you want to hire companies who understand this simple fact
  • No contract required to get started
  • No down payment required, just the normal monthly fee
  • You decide on how much Pay Per Click advertising budget you want to spend
  • We look after domain name registration
  • We look after hosting services
  • We look after all content on your advertising site
  • We look after all database management issues
  • We look after all content management issues using WordPress, the leading blog service in the country
  • We look after spam protection

If that is not enough, we customize your advertising site to your company or products so that is relevant to the business your in and the products you are trying to advertise.

Web Marketing and SEO

Enough of the hard sell. Now let’s discuss some of these ideas and concepts in a bit more detail. Many companies will advertise their SEO capabilities without really defining what they are actually doing and what they are trying to achieve. Anyone can build a web site and make it look sharp and entertaining. However sharp and entertaining is nice to anyone who does find your site, however they will not find your site at all if it is not optimized for the search engines and if it does not have the catch phrases that then trigger your clients to click on a product or service that you offer. This is were the science comes in and the experience that Calgary SEO specialists have built up over the years. This is really what web marketing is all about and what the final result needs to be if we are both going to be successful. They have the clients who are satisfied¬† and growing their business!

No Contract To Get Started

One irritant that many small businesses have found is contracts. They take time to review, you may even need a lawyer to get involved and this all adds up to time and money with no increased customers.  All we do is ask you to commit for three months to experience the results and then if you are not satisfied stop the service. We are so confident that you will be happy with the results that you will not only stay after the three months, you will stay with us for the long term and and grow your business in the process.

All That IT Stuff

Another area that clients have a hard time with is dealing with computer systems, hosting, domain management, content management and much more. We look after all of that for you making it easy for you to focus on the results and your business growth. If you are not getting these Ottawa SEO services now from an existing provider or are considering someone who does not provide this service, why would you not go with us. We just need you to subscribe and tell us about your business and the products or services that you want to offer. We do all of the leg work and build a site that gets ranked on the search engines and delivers results all for one small monthly fee.

It Does Not Stop There – SEO services Ongoing

Once your site is up and running, we do not walk away. We are constantly adding new content that is focused on getting search results and keeping the site fresh which is what the search engines like. Anytime you need anything tweaked just send us an email and we will be happy to make the changes on the fly. It is this kind of service over the long term that builds business relationships and provides services that customers really appreciate.

Several of our customers after having launched one site have decided that they want to add another site that focuses on a different area of their business or even a different city. We can help there too and build another site that delivers the results that you need.

Compare ROI’s

At the end of the day it is all about the money. Either what advertising is costing you now vs. what Calgary SEO Specialists charges or it is about how much new business you are bringing into your company based on the advertising campaigns that you embark on. If you using traditional advertising now, you already know what the results are for this type of advertising. You probably already know as well that traditional advertising is becoming less effective as more and more people switch to smart phones, browsing the net and avoiding advertising on TV and the paper as much as possible.  The trend to smart phones is simply phenomenal and if you do not have a web presence that is focused on this trend then you may miss a large part of the business to others that have gone in the mobile direction.

We can help you here as well and in the end your ROI for your advertising dollar will demonstrate better results if it is focused and delivering qualified customers.

Check out some of the detailed pages on our web site for more information regarding our services, features, pricing and subscription procedures. We even have two videos that talk about SEO services that we offer and why we think you should sign up with Calgary SEO specialists today. Lastly check out some of our testimonials and also some of the keyword reports for various businesses in Calgary. We would be pleased to do one for your business in Ottawa as well at no charge.


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