No Contract SEO Services in Ottawa

Last week we announced that Calgary SEO Specialists Come to Ottawa in one of our posts and described the services and the reasons why a small business might want to invest their precious advertising dollars with an online SEO company such as Calgary SEO Specialists. In that post we also mentioned that small business owners could get started with a leased SEO Site option with no contract whatsoever. We felt that we should take a little more time to discuss why a no contract SEO service package works for the customer and for us as a provider as well.

Concerns About Traditional Advertising

Many customers are very apprehensive about spending their hard earned dollars on advertising, since there is no guarantee that it will be effective. Advertising on TV for example may or may not hit the right audience depending on what other competing shows are on. Also everyone knows that when the commercials are on it is time to hit the fridge, channel surf or merely fast forward on your PVR! News paper advertising and yellow pages advertising is also problematic. Frankly there are just less and less people buying the news paper and using yellow pages to find services or products that they need. There is a huge shift taking place from the traditional advertising media to online advertising driven by the proliferation of smart phones in our society.

People want to search online , find the product or service they are looking for and click on the phone number to call direct or to send an email asking for more information all from their smart phones. they want to do this from any location including from your competitors store or office to compare prices and products. The exponential rise in the number of people with smart phones in the market is just staggering. We believe to be successful in tomorrow’s market place you had better be on the internet with high quality advertising with search engine optimized content to rank high on search results and attract customers. If you are not on the first or second page of search results, chances are that you will not be noticed and lose potential business.

No Contract SEO Services

With all of this concern and that the Internet is a new medium for many small business owners, we felt that a no contract option would appeal to many business people. With no contract, they have the option of stopping at any time whether it is a cash flow problem they have or if they feel that they do not get the value they expected. We, on the other hand are so confident about our services and our specialty in delivering qualified traffic to you that we do not need a commitment in the form of a contract. We do recommend that you stick it out for at least three months to provide time for the leased customized SEO Site to be indexed by the search engines  and for  traffic to grow. We really expect your business team  to be so happy with our service that you will be with us for some time.

With the no contract option we own the domain and the content which is really what you are leasing, for as long as you subscribe to the service. If you do give up your lease after three months or even one year, we are free to lease this domain and content to another customer. This customer could be your competition, so it is important to consider your decision  carefully .

SEO Services with Contracts

Some business owners do want to have more say and control in the advertising that they do. This is certainly something we can offer and we know that the traditional advertising media cannot even come close. In some cases business people will want to own the domain name and also the content that is put in place on the SEO Site. This is not a lease arrangement and does require a contract for a minimum one year time frame. All of the same services are provided, but the customer owns the domain name and the content. This is an option for those customers who feel more secure when they own the content they have paid for. Note that all of the customization and ongoing day to day maintenance are provided as part of this contracted service as well.

Regardless of Whether You Have a Contract or Not

The important thing to remember in our view is that the primary focus of developing a highly optimized web site that will be picked up by the search engines and placed on the first page of the search results are the customers that your business will receive. These are people who have searched for your service or product and if they decide to contact you by phone, by email or by coming into your place of business, they are qualified customers. We know they searched for your services etc and they are interested in buying. As a result whether you have a contract is less important than how successful the web marketing campaign will be at sending qualified customers in your direction.

If you need more information about our services, check out our post from last week. Readers can also find out more information about the company and the services we provide by going to our main home page. From these pages you can also find out more about our service packages, the services we offer and were you can subscribe to any of our service packages with or without a contract. Our team and contact information is available on the Calgary SEO Specialists contact page.

In closing, SEO clients have several options to chose from when it comes to having a contract or moving ahead with Calgary SEO Specialists without a contract. You are protected either way and we know you will be more than satisfied  with the results we deliver.

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