Google Adword Pay-Per-Click Advertising Account Management Service

At Calgary SEO Specialists we have an Adwords pay-per-click management service included in all of our SEO packages. This service provides even more traffic to your business, and your costs can be controlled by our staff.

It is very important to note that your PPC (pay-per-click) costs will be lower when we manage your Adwords account, than if you were to manage it yourself. We have been managing PPC campaigns since 2003 and we are experts when it comes to keeping costs down, and getting more traffic for less money.

The reason we can keep your costs down is because we are sending your traffic to the SEO Site we build for you. We must build this site specifically so Google ranks it as ” quality site”, and in turn, your Adwords clicks don’t cost as much compared to how much money you would spend driving traffic to your existing business site that was not developed specifically to receive pay-per-click traffic.

This is why we have to build and maintain a site for you. To understand the details of our SEO Site service click here.

To speak with our friendly team of experts, click here.

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