Free SEO Report for Waste Disposal Vertical in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Today’s free SEO traffic report is for the Waste Disposal business in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have pulled a data sample from four different sources no extraploation was required because WASTE DISPOSAL CALGARY was found to be a keyword used enough times to be picked up in Google’s data sample.

Our concern with this report is this – “are most of these searches being made by people in Calgary (and/or Canada) being made by people looking for the garbage dump, and not a waste disposal company.” The answer is that SOME of these searches may have been made in that quest, but the vast majority of these searches were made by people looking for waste disposal companies.

We know this because the number of searches for “GARBGAGE DUMPS” FAR out-weighs the report below. This is what people mostly search for when looking for their local City waste¬†dump sites.

Below is the keyword traffic report averaged in Canada over all of 2011. Note line #4 of this report please.

Calgary Waste Disposal Keyword Report


Global Monthly Trends for the Keyword “Waste Disposal”

Click here to see the Google Trend keyword report for the keyword “Waste Disposal” Some clients like to see an overall trend report out of interest sake.


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