Free SEO Report for “Roofing Companies in Calgary”

This is our free SEO report from Calgary roofing companies who are interested in seeing how much traffic is actually on the Internet for their services. Your’s truly recently had his roof re-shingled and the cost was just shy of $7000, and so I know first hand that Calgary SEO Specialists can provide a very strong return on investment (ROI) for a roofing company doing business in Calgary, Edmonton, or the entire Province of Alberta.

So let us get right down to the report. This report was created using all of our four main sources of search data for the keyword phrases people use in Canada, Alberta, and Calgary, when they are looking for local roofing companies – Wordtracker Pro, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Keyword Country, Best Keywords.

We use our proprietary extrapolation technique to parse down the data to get a realistic idea of how many Albertans are using Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to find roofing companies in Calgary.

SEO Report for Calgary Roofing Search Terms

This search volume for roofing services is large – larger than most verticals we have done for Calgary. I’m guessing that all of the heavy wind storms we had in Calgary may have contributed to the high volume of searches.

Now we have to move on to the vertical trend for roofing, and we use the Google Trends service for this. Keep in mind we are using the singular and primary keyword for this report. Click here to see the full Google Trend report for the search term ROOFING.

Below we have a blow up screenshot from Google Trends to see closer the vertical variance for a 3-4 year period.

Google Trend Blow-Up Screenshot

The above Google Trend screenshot shows what we would expect in Canada (Calgary, Alberta) as well.

Now we can look at the competition levels in Google for roofing in Calgary. My searches are all done from our Calgary IP.

Google Competition – Search Phrase “Roofing Calgary”

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Click here to see actual Google Search.


Google Competition – Search Phrase “Roofing Companies Calgary”

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Click here to see actual Google Search.


Conclusion for Roofing Search Traffic

So this report shows that there is a lot of search traffic for roofing companies in Calgary who want to capitalize on. To do so we have to build a powerful SEO Site that has frequently added publications written by our professional web-writing staff.

There is certainly some strong competition though, so it would take 5-7 months of content building this SEO Site to start seeing a lot of free traffic – however, our PPC (pay-per-click) team would set up a Google Adwords account within the first two weeks to make sure our client will be on the top of Google’s results right away.

After a few weeks of content publishing on this Roofing SEO Site we would see a combination of paid hits and free hits (natural/organic results) on the site for the client’s services.

Click here to fully understand the difference between ORGANIC/NATURAL search results and PAID FOR/PPC/GOOGLE ADWORDS results.

Click here to understand the monthly reports we send clients that show the hits to a new SEO site. We show and example of a report there to for a customer that has been with us for 3 years.


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