Free SEO Keyword Report for “Hardwood Flooring Calgary”

This is our free SEO keyword report for the hardwood flooring search market in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There is plenty of search traffic for hardwood floors, so here we go.

First we have a report using three different data sources for the term “hardwood flooring” in Canada, and we have extrapolated the data for the Calgary search market. This includes Bing, and Yahoo search queries as well. The sources of keyword phrase search data (KPSD) we used in this free report were Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Keyword Country tool, and Wordtracker’s search volume tools.

SEO Keyword Traffic Report for Canada (Hardwood Flooring)

Global Trend for The Search Phrase “Hardwood Flooring”

The global trend data is mostly taken from Google’s North American traffic for hardwood flooring, and this trend can be applied for Canada. Click here to see the trend report. This is usually of interest to companies and businesses. Seeing this kind of graph of search volume data is helpful.

Google Competition Levels for Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Below are screenshots showing the competition level(s) for specific target keyword phrases for this campaign. We have highlighted the competing pages in the Google index for these keyword phrases.

Keyword “Hardwood Flooring Supply Calgary”


 Keyword “Hardwood Flooring Suppliers Calgary”

Keyword “Hardwood Flooring Stores Calgary”

Keyword “Calgary Hardwood Flooring”


This is a moderate to high competition market in the search engines, and would require content additions on a weekly basis, as we provide with all of our SEO packages. If your business is interested to making an investment in search engine optimization, please contact us for full details. See what we provide in our Level #1 SEO package, and compare this with the Full Ownership SEO Package here.



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