Free SEO Keyword Analysis for Calgary Plumbing & Heating

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This is our initial keyword phrase search report for the plumbing and heating market in Calgary, Alberta. First the keyword phrase table below.

Phrase Search Traffic for Plumbing in Calgary

¬†Google Trend – Target Keyword Phrase “Plumbing Heating”

Please click here to view the updated Google Trend report for the keyword search phrase above. Please note that residential plumbers are sought after in the same trends across North America, so this trend graph would representative for Calgary as well

Competition Levels Vary – Omitted

Normally we would put a competition level screenshot grouping here, but since we already have the domain name purchased for the client and we have a plumber in Calgary all ready signed up for our SEO services, we will not be publishing the competition images from the Google’s search results. This is for obvious reasons, as we need to go after our competition in way that they don’t see us coming.

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