SEO Site Timelines – Early Stages

Google Ranking Timelines for Natural Traffic – “Cheaters Get Banned”

It’s Slow and Steady for Safe and Legitimate SEO (Note: This does NOT apply to Google Adwords PPC Campaigns – we can get you in the number one position of Google immediately, but it will cost $6-$10 per click if you are in an extremely competitive business vertical).

Here is an explanation of how your SEO Site begins to rank in Google’s indexes for you. This is all gradual, keyword by keyword, publication by publication, safe-link by safe-link.

We show you how to check your new SEO Site at the bottom of this page. The initiation process for a new SEO Site in Google has to be handled CAREFULLY.

Understanding Google Initiation

New SEO sites have to prove themselves to Google. We have to prove to Google that your SEO site has continuing publications, and the content of these publications is unique – unique meaning that the article/post has never been published online before, on any web site – and the content cannot by “drivel content” – it has to be well written and well researched.

Below is a graph showing a typical SEO timeline (one of our clients’ SEO sites)

SEO Site Timeline Graph

Please take a close look at this graph to see one of our customer’s SEO Sites in the early stages and where they are now. This shows a typical timeline for an SEO Site in a highly competitive vertical – this graph is from a lending web site in California.

You can see that in the early stages there is only a small trickle of traffic, but as time marches on, your traffic begins to grow dramatically.

At Calgary SEO Specialists we have been ranking web sites since 2003 and we understand full well the patience required, and the investment required to rank a strong web domain in ANY business vertical.

Many SEO companies and company webmasters try and cheat the Google, Yahoo!, and Bing search algos and they end up getting their sites banned.

We’ve seen entire SEO companies lose ALL of their customers because they got their customers’ sites banned. They were banned for using dirty little tricks, such as link bombing, link harvesting, spam article indexing, trackback spamming, comment spamming, doorway page creating scripts, etc.

The only safe and long-term way to get solid and growing traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo! is to build your content at a steady pace, and grow safe-links.

How to Check Your SEO Site for Healthy Google Indexing

So if your SEO Site is in the early stages, and you are frustrated with the speed in which you are getting boosts in traffic, we have a way for you to check your indexing in Google.

Click here to in a new tab or browser first.

Open your SEO Site to the home page, and copy one of the post titles you find at the bottom of the page. These are older posts by a few weeks. Paste the exact title into the Google search field and run the search. You should be somewhere on the first page of results.

A couple of weeks later test it again. Depending on how competitive your industry or business is, you will start to see your content climb up the results.

For example; we have a client in the office phone business in Calgary and they have a post we published for them all about Mitel Dealers. The title of the post is Mitel Dealers in Calgary (PBX VOIP Office Phone Systems)

  1. Two weeks after we posted the article we searched Mitel Dealers in Calgary (PBX VOIP Office Phone Systems) and the article showed up in in the number #1 position. Page 87 in
  2. A month later we searched JUST Mitel Dealers in Calgary and they were in the #3 position in and on page 67 in
  3. Another month later when we searched Mitel Dealers and Calgary in ANY order at all, they were #1 in – above the actual company Mitel, and on the 3rd page of
  4. A few weeks later they were in #1 position for any Google search, anytime, from any IP, with any order of the words DEALERS MITEL CALGARY. This was in or – doesn’t matter – our publication passed Google’s test of time.
  5. UPDATE: 8 Months after launching this customer’s site we have them #1 in or for; BUSINESS PHONES CALGARY – beating Telus, Rogers, Bell, etc. 


This is the time-line you can expect to see if your business is in an extremely competitive industry.

If you have an less competitive business vertical you will see rankings and traffic growth faster.

Please see graph above.

Click here to learn more about SEO timelines.


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