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  1. In case my first message didn’t transmit. This is my wife’s business and I am assisting with work on systems. Clay for Kids has been teaching children how to work with clay since 1981 in Calgary and 2005 in Edmonton. It is the leading provider of clay programs to over 35,000 children per year in Alberta. Our website was re-built in 2008 and we hire a SEO service in 2010. He convinced us to move and redesign our website in 2013 but this has caused a major disruption. We now need a new SEO firm asap. Pls call me.

  2. I think what I am looking for is a coach? have moved the above website (which belongs to my brother) to GoDaddy and have security certificate to setup in .htaccess and have run SEO reports and would ideally like to be able to prioritize the functions in the reports, discuss process and have questions answered when I am over whelmed. If I booked a month of support would the above fall into what you offer?
    Are you actually in Calgary, always appreciate face to face option? And if this does not match your business style do you know of someone who might work this way? And I am aware it may be faster to book you to get some things done quickly!! Can we talk?

    Regards, Sharon

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