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Search Engine Traffic Report (SEO) for “Disc Duplication California”

Today’s report is for the disc duplication business model, and the company we are doing it for is located in California. Therefore the keyword (search) phrase will be disc duplication california.

This is a competitive business (at least it was when I pressed some discs back in 1998) and fight for market share is increasing due to a drop in demand over the last 5 years. We’re sure there will always be a demand for this service, but the question is going to be, “WHO WINS the market”?

So we will get to it. First we need to see the actual targeted traffic for this vertical, market, and State (CA).

Search Engine Traffic for “Disc Duplication California”

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Google Search Result Competition for “Disc Duplication California”

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Vertical Trend for Google Search (2010-2011) Monthly/Quarterly

This report was posted 13:47:43/2012-02-01, so the data sample comes from the month of December 2011 – please see graph data for traffic levels for this vertical. In other words, traffic will vary from month to month.



Conclusion and Pre-Post Notes

OK. This market vertical for search is 6.5 million on average (depending on Google’s index at the time). This is mid-range as far as competition goes. If you had the ideal domain, then it would be much easier. Not likely though right? Wrong. When I wrote this up, the perfect domain was available.

Status of Campaign

“This campaign is presently available – 2012-02-01, 14:04:17”

We can set up and run this project for your company. Please contact us for more information. If you are in a rush (not required), you can get it started. Your project starts after the subscription process is completed. Thank you for reading.


Brent Truiit