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Low Cost SEO Services in Palm Springs

Business people are gradually figuring out that web advertising and web marketing is a smart thing to do and they are looking to improve their web sites in an effort to attract more traffic. Unfortunately, like many other things in life, some people will go for the lowest cost web site design and the lowest cost SEO services available in Palm Springs and many other cities.

The old line fits in this case as well, you get what you pay for. If you spend less then you are likely to receive less as well. Finding a good company that provides excellent quality SEO is sometimes hard to do and that is why our company feels that we provide superior services and will bring you a lot of traffic all with no contract.

Our Low Cost SEO Services for Palm Springs

Our objective is to be in this business for the long term and to retain our customers for the long term. Our SEO services are low cost and we do not even ask you to sign a contract. We do ask you to subscribe to our services and to stick with us for a minimum of three months and a preferred time of six months to really see the results of our services.  All of the information you are going to need to help make a decision is located on the right hand side of the page covering:

  • Services offered
  • Price packages
  • Subscription information
  • Who we are and much more

Just click on any of the links listed and you will be provided with the detail you need to make a decision regarding our SEO services. We look after registering a domain name, arranging for hosting and preparing content that meets all of the SEO guidelines  that are currently understood by the industry. If you already have a web site, we will provide links to it which also helps to improve your traffic to it as well. We will be building a new web site that is SEO optimized and  aimed at attracting traffic to your business that will improve the level of qualified customers.

Understanding SEO

Our services are priced to be low cost and easy for business people to fit into their advertising budget. In fact we are finding that many customers are moving their advertising from the yellow pages and other media to the online world. There are many web sites that offer all kinds of opinions about SEO and how to be placed on the first page of search results. In fact one site listed over 100 parameters that need to be considered in order to rank well with search engines. We do all of that and more to ensure that you get the results that you need.

The primary SEO parameter that makes the most impact on ranking is fresh well written content.  Adding content on a regular basis, such as every week or even more often tells the search engines that this web site is well maintained and active. Content that is well written is also important. Content fillers or content that is too heavy with keywords will be noticed by the search engines and discounted. You will end up somewhere well below the 10th page of search results. Our objective is to put you on the first or second page of search engine results. We do all of this as part of our low cost services package for the Palm Springs area.

Pay per Click SEO Services

One of the variables in the pricing is PPC services. Essentially this is advertising that we place on your behalf to attract clients to your site. The advantage of PPC is that it is very focused and adheres to whatever advertising budget that you set. You can spend a dollar a day, $5 dollars a day or much more. You decide how much you want to spend. it can be changed at any time to meet seasonal trends or business trends or to focus on specific products. We look after all of this for you to ensure that you receive the traffic you need on your web site which drives sales conversion for your business.

Check out our low cost SEO services in Palm Springs today and subscribe to our service or contact one of our associates for more information.

Search Engine Optimization Palm Springs

Search Engine Optimization in  Palm Springs or SEO for short form refers to firms that offer to build web sites than are engineered to bring their owners a lot of traffic over the internet. Many companies have web sites and it is pretty much the norm these days to have one. Most are well designed fancy affairs with lots of graphics and when you land on these pages they are visually appealing.

Why Do These Sites Not Get More Traffic?

The trouble is that most of these pages are never found because they are not optimized and as a result the search engines have indexed them very low. They might end up on page 100, if they are lucky, on search results and we all know that no one will go to the 100th page of search results to look at anything.

If someone does go the companies page, it is usually because they have been refereed to the page or perhaps they have received an email or even a business card and they decide to look it up. Otherwise the page stays in the hinterlands of the search engine results pages. Companies with web sites like these are missing a huge opportunity. If they were to take the time to optimize their site or have someone do it, they really could get a lot more traffic and it would not just be random traffic.

Search Engine Optimization for Palm Springs

The traffic that a SEO site brings is usually someone who is looking for something specific since they have searched for a specific keyword. The search engines have also indexed the site higher because of the way it is designed, the fresh content that is on the site and the fact that the site is regularly updated. As a result they now appear on the first or second page of search results and have a much better chance of being accessed. This is what Calgary SEO specialists can bring to Search Engine Optimization in Palm Springs.

If you own a business in palm Springs and feel that you are not getting the traffic and the sales you think that you should get with your current site, why not check us out. There are many advantages to have your site SEO’d, however many people shy away from this effort because they do not understand how and find it just too complicated.

This is were a company such as Calgary SEO Specialists comes in. Not only do we design your site in an optimized manner, we also look after domain name registration and hosting for you.  Content creation and content management  is also important and can be time consuming for many business people. We look after that too. We want to make it easy and straightforward for you without any hassles.

How do You Get Started?

It is really quite simple. All you have to do is go to our subscription page and sign up. Here is a link you can use for the purpose, Click Here. But before you do that, you may just want to learn a little bit more about the services we offer and of course the price. You can find out all of this information by clicking on the following page, Click Here.

We list all of the services we provide as part of our SEO services package for business people in Palm Springs.  There is no contract unless you really want one. Customers are encouraged to subscribe and commit for at least three months. We will have your site up within the week and bringing you traffic shortly after that. We also recommend a PPC or pay per click program and to limit the budget for this PPC program to less than $100 for the month. This puts some control over your variable costs until you can evaluate the results. This budget amount can be adjusted at any time.

So Why Would You Subscribe

Well the answer is pretty simple. It is really about getting the best value out of your advertising budget. Traditional print and media are not delivering the same results they used to. Consumers are using the web to find what they need and many are now using smart phones to search the web. If you do not have a web site that is Search Engine Optimized and configured to handle both desk top browsers as well as smart phone browsers, you risk losing additional traffic. Evaluate the ROI for your current advertising and then assess if the web will bring more traffic. We think it will and as we said you can test this out in under three months without having to sign a contract. We are so confident of the results that we are sure that you will stay with us!

Next Steps for Search Engine Optimization in Palm Springs

Check out our main web site, give us a call or send an email to ask us to contact you. Either way we will answer your questions and help you with the subscription if needed. Note that we will need a credit card or paypal account, to charge for your monthly fee and some basic information about your company and products or services that you will be advertising. If you have an existing web site we will make use of that information, however everything we do will be unique and not duplicate in any way the content that is already on your existing site.

One question we always get asked by business owners in Palm Springs and other  communities is whats to stop you from selling the same service to my competitor. The answer is frankly nothing, other than it would hurt both of us. Your traffic would go down and then you probably would cancel your service with us.

We only offer one campaign per community in a given product or service area. We want you to be successful which only helps us as well. It really is that simple, so don’t wait, sign up for Search Engine Optimization in Palm Springs today.