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SEO Keyword Report for “Ottawa Real Estate” Vertical

Today we are doing our first keyword report for a Province outside of Alberta, and outside of Calgary. We are doing the report for the Ottawa real estate vertical.

As a side note, before I start this report, I wanted to share this tidbit with you.

We had a realtor in Ottawa ask one of our team members,

“What do you Calgarians know about the real estate market in Ottawa anyway?”

A fair question.

Answer = mathematics and data tell the whole story (not to mention our quality control manager lives in Ottawa and has for many years)

This report shows a specific level of search engine traffic from people looking for real estate in Ottawa, and there is a specific level of competing web sites in’s and’s search results. We launch our SEO Site for you, and take the top of Google using Adwords, and then we start climbing Google’s index in the free results.

All we need to “know about Ottawa real estate” is how many properties are sold per year/quarterly on average, the population, and most importantly, how MANY people a month are looking for those properties using Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

REMEMBER THIS: thousands of shoppers look for real estate in Ottawa every month who don’t use MLS – they use Google.

We can manage successful campaigns in a City, Province/State, or Country. Guaranteed. The same fact always remains with our services – we get traffic for our customers and we get results from that traffic. Whenever a business “passes” on our services, they soon find out that their competition DIDN’T pass on our services. Then it’s all history. We don’t do conflicting campaigns in any one city or vertical, so the ball game is over. The customer who uses our services wins – they get all the traffic, and their competition doesn’t – quite simple.

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Below are the images made from the data we have for the real estate market in Ottawa. There is a fair amount of competition for the obvious keyword phrases, and the biggest mistake the layman would make is trying to compete for the “big fish”. Too many poles hangin’ in that hole. We have to compete in a less competitive keyword “hole” and take it all. You always make more conversions when you take this approach.

For Ottawa we found a perfect cluster of keywords where there isn’t much competition, and an excellent opportunity for maximizing your return on investment (a lot better than fridge magnets, bus stop seats, flyers, and the Yellow Pages – THAT IS FOR SURE!)

Sure, we can go for the most competitive keys but it will take years to totally dominate – it’s no problem doing that, but it would take 2-3 years to accomplish this goal. If your company has a bigger SEO budget and you want the most competitive words in the Ottawa real estate market (in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing), then you would need our intermediate level, mid-sized business SEO package.

So here is the traffic comparison for the Ottawa Real Estate market;

Highest Competition Key

Click to enlarge please;

This is a competition keyword, so you would need at least two to three years of steady growth to take the number one position. Furthermore, the sites that currently own the top page of Google for this keyword are fairly extensive. You would have to come at them with all guns blazing – very aggressive campaign over years.

Lower Competition Key

Click to enlarge please;


So you can see that the lower competition keyword in this case is “realtors in ottawa”, and a lot of people are searching that keyword phrase every day. This would be the way to go.

Keyword Traffic Report for Ottawa Real Estate Market

These are the keyword searches from North America. For real estate we don’t need to extrapolate using census data from Ottawa. We can just take a straight sample from Canada and the United States, because there are people from all over moving to Ottawa – we left the data sample for North America for these purposes. On a global level there is even more traffic than this data sample.

Please click to enlarge;


The Google Trend for the Keyword “Ottawa Real Estate”

Please click to enlarge;


You can see the down-slide in the last four years here, and of course it’s the economy slowing down on the whole. However, there is still a lot of traffic in search. Please take note of the article tags. These just point out dates of publications that were released regarding Ottawa real estate.

So in conclusion – there is solid traffic there. We would have to go for the lower competing niche and take all of it.

“This campaign is currently available”