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SEO Effect of Google Penguin Update

First of all – WOW! WOW! WOW!

The Google Penguin Update was implemented in and around April 24th, 2012, and frankly I wasn’t really looking forward to another change in the way Google ranks web pages. Just didn’t want the insecurity of it for our own web properties and our customers’ and clients’ business sites.

So as of today (May 6th) we have seen a 20% increase in traffic on all of our customer sites and our own sites. Quite amazing, and it’s great to see a lot of our competitors who have been using old linking tactics heading down the rankings in Google as we are climbing upwards.

It’s been a long wait (years) of providing quality content on all of the web properties we manage, hoping that Google would finally get tougher on our competition who have been very busy creating links for the sake of creating links. Alas – the day has come!!!

With Google’s Panda Update (AKA – Farmer Update) we saw an uptick in ranking and traffic, but nothing as dramatic as this new Penguin update. If this is the new future with Google we are going to have to start wearing shades.

Planning SEO For “The Penguin” Five Years Ago

It was 5 years ago that we made the decision to optimize our web properties for search engines differently than our competing SEO companies in Calgary, across Canada, and the United States – the exact formula of which we will never pass along (let’s just say that our methodology is clean and simple).

When we first made these changes five years ago we were on pins and needles wondering if we were doing the right thing – we were concerned that abandoning all of the SEO methods being recommended as “Gospel” by 99% percent of the so-called “gurus”, we were cutting our own throats.

Apparently our fears were unfounded.

If you are wondering what we do that is working so well, I can give you a big hint – everything we do can be found here – slightly off topic, regarding the linkes piece, search this in Google;

what google really loves

Yep – there we are in #1 position competing with around 740,000,000 results. Same methods used to get that ranking, we have been using since 2007.

How To Rank in Google Search After Google’s Penguin Update

So if you are wondering how to rank your web site (and web pages) after the Google Penguin update, there is a way.

Stop worrying about linking as much, and start creating really extensive content. Pictures, graphs, tables, etc. Keep adding high quality content and you can’t lose.

One thing for sure though – you are going to have to wait for results. Getting a new site (new content) ranked and indexed in Google takes longer than ever before. I remember 10 years ago, when you could get your content indexed in Google fairly well in only 2-3 months. By 2005, it was taking 4-5 months. By 2009 it was taking 6-7 months.

Now it takes around 8-9 months to SAFELY get all your content indexing and ranking high Google results.


Because if you want your web content to withstand ALL of the changes in Google’s algorithm(s), you can’t take any shortcuts – that game is over.

You can pound all of the inbound links you want, and add all the great content you want, but your wonderful content has to wait it’s turn. We’re talking about brand new domains here OK. If you have a highly ranked web property, that is well past the age of three years old, then of course your pages will rank sooner.

If you go hog wild with the linking though, you better be CAREFUL – that activity may cripple your site forever with Google. Don’t go there. Keep it clean and follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines closely – it will pay off.

Sad News Regarding Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates

The sad news with all of Google’s past updates (Penguin and Panda) is I don’t see recovery happening quickly for penalized sites, if ever. As our readers and clients know, we test web properties all the time, to better understand which way Google’s “wind is blowing”, meaning we have test sites being optimized in many different ways. This way we can see which linking and optimizing techniques are failing, and which ones are succeeding.

What we have learned is that penalized sites are not rebounding quickly unless all of the perceived infractions Google has placed upon them are slight. If you have been carrying out old-school SEO, and it has resulted in a penalty, the odds are that you will never recover, and if you do recover, it may take years.

Our research is showing that penalized sites are literally being thrown to the back of the line, and further – meaning that a penalized site will be in the Google sandbox twice as long (maybe more) than a brand new untrusted domain.

Sad, but we believe this to be true.

The scariest thing about having your business subject to the whim(s) of Google, and possibly subject to the tactics your SEO Company is using, is that if you are optimizing your web property the “wrong way” you could lose all of your online investment FOREVER. This is why the SEO world cringes every time Google makes another change.

You can take this poll and see the percentage of other webmasters who have been effected negatively or positively by the Penguin Update.

Happy typing 😉