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No Contract

At we don’t require a contract for our Full SEO Site package. That is how confident we are. We have never lost a customer to date, and this is because we provide a fantastic ROI, with the ability to adjust the amount of money you spend on advertising each month.

We have a flat rate for our small business package of $699 per month, and you may spend between $50 – $350 on the Google Adwords campaign that we manage for you. At ANY TIME you can instruct us to pause your Google advertising campaign, making your monthly payment only $699 per month for the management of your web site (this includes all added content, maintenance, updates, spam blocking, traffic monitoring, server maintenance, and search engine optimization.

This means that if you run a seasonal business (such as landscaping) you will have a strong search engine presence in your down time, AND when it is “GO TIME!” we turn your advertising campaign on to capture as many leads as possible.

Furthermore, if you are getting more business than you can handle (yes, this happens frequently with new businesses who have never experienced what it’s like when their products and services are being seen by hundreds and thousands of online shoppers each month) then we can pause your Google advertising campaign until you hire more staff, and increase your team’s ability to handle more customers.

If, at any time you don’t believe our SEO services are performing, and you don’t think we are providing the ROI you desire, you are welcome to end your subscription with just one click!

If you are interested in our services, please contact our sales team for more information, and a free consultation.


Brent Truitt

Calgary SEO Specialists – The Case Studies

Welcome to CSEOS (Calgary Search Engine Optimization Specialists). Might as well start out with an acronym because the title is a little long – no.

So the core site structure is built now, which is the primary site for finding out about our services, rates, and more. The main site is where you can find our contact information for a free SEO consultation. This is our blog where we spend some time discussing the latest search engine trends and where it looks like things are going in terms of the future of search engine ranking.

Vertical Search Engine Case Studies for Calgary-Based Businesses

But more importantly, we are going to be publishing specific information of interest to business owners in Calgary, Edmonton, Leftbridge, and Red Deer (all of Alberta).

We will be using “the notes” area to explain our services further, and to post pre-campaign research data on different business verticals in Calgary, the level of competition in the market-place online, the keyword analysis (how many people are searching products in the vertical), the vertical trend throughout the year (including graphs of these market trends).

We will do all of this research – the pre-campaign build for the vertical, and we will note whether or not we are currently promoting a Calgary-Based business model like it. If not, you can contact us about “setting our team loose” to begin promoting your business.

This will acomplish the following.

1) Our potential clients and customers will be able to have a presentation already created for their business vertical, and they can see for themselves how sought-after their product or service is online, and via the search engines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing). Continue reading Calgary SEO Specialists — The Case Studies