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Google Search Volume and Comp Report for “Mortgage Broker Calgary”

This is our search volume and competition report for the mortgage brokering vertical in Calgary, Alberta. As you can well imagine, there is some competition to deal with, but surprisingly not quite as much as we anticipated.

Search Volume Report for Mortgage Broker Vertical

We have chosen the best domain possible and will not disclose that here in this very public report – suffice to say we need the fastest start out of the gate with Google and we want a high placement for the primary keyword within a week of launching – the domain name we have chosen will do all of the above.

Comp Report for 2 Popular Search Phrases

And another;


Added Note on Realistic Search Volume

This report is averaged over the months of 2011, and represents a VERY realistic idea of the amount of ACTUAL activity for the mortgage brokering vertical in Calgary – you can easily inflate these numbers if you don’t take into account realistic considerations when extrapolating the data. As always, we error on the conservative side (lower) of the data, to ensure our potential customer(s) understand our work process and the amount of traffic they can expect coming to their SEO site and their main business domain.

Keyword Search Phrase Report for the Paving Vertical in Alberta

As usual, we had many “basic ideas” about how to laser focus an SEO site for an Alberta business vertical, but after some due diligence (and scrutiny) the keyword phrases we need to build the SEO site on are different that we originally thought. There is a specific keyword phrase we have to focus on, and you can see that in the keyword report below.


This is the primary target phrase, but to avoid higher competition levels and get a quick start, we can go with;


The reason this is a good choice too, is because our competition will be lighter, and we can begin traffic flow sooner than later.

However, if a paving company in Alberta planned to dominate Google in the long run, we would recommend ASPHALT PAVING ALBERTA as the primary target keyword phrase. We are doing domain name research now on the paving business – the domain must be carefully chosen.

Below is the keyword search phrase report for Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Search Phrase Report for Alberta Paving Companies


Next we can look at the competition levels for our recommended search phrase target.

See competition levels below;

As you can see in this screen shot, the competition for the primary keyword target is approx. 215,000 pages. This is what we would call light competition, and luckily the competition is NOT adding enough constant content to hold their position(s) against a strong CMS and CONTENT campaign. However, seniority with the major search engines is KEY, so we will have to build a smart campaign and keep posting quality content on a weekly basis at least (as per usual).

What Does our SEO SITE Do For Your Business??

In a nutshell;

  • grows a very powerful domain in the eyes of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc.
  • SEO site gains traffic exponentially over months of indexing quality content
  • SEO site brings qualified leads to you
  • SEO site links to your main business site bringing it to the top of Google for more leads

Any questions you can contact us on this campaign and paving vertical for Alberta – we only serve ONE company in each vertical, so it’s first come, first serve, and it ends there.