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Here at Calgary SEO Specialists, we believe our company, and our competing SEO companies based in Calgary are a family. All of these SEO companies have different protocols, processes, staff levels, overhead levels, price structures, and customer bases. But, we are providing the same service – search engine optimization.

Important Note: This list of businesses only includes SEO companies that are actually located and based out of Calgary, Alberta. Many different SEO companies that are located in other Provinces and Cities come up in Google’s search results when you type in calgary seo companies, BUT they are not operating their businesses in Calgary, or even in Alberta. They don’t have offices in Calgary either.

We support our competitors in Calgary and honor their products and services. Why would we promote our competition?

Because we believe there is plenty of business go around, and we know that our service may not suit every company’s needs. For example, all of the SEO companies based in Calgary have different pricing models. Which is good for competition, and good for customers.

So today we will list off all of the Calgary SEO companies for our readers. You can click their associated links to see their web sites, their products, services, policies, offers, customers, and ideas. What one SEO company offers can be VERY different from what another company offers.

This list of companies is not in any particular order – we are not reviewing SEO companies doing business in Calgary.

List of SEO Companies in Calgary


Calgary SEO Specialists

From the web site:

Our professionals specialize in creating clean, secure, and efficient web sites, specifically built to rank well in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search engine results, and continue to rank well into the distant future.

All of our existing customers have maintained their rankings since they subscribed to our service, and we have never lost a customer.

1163 Lake Bonavista Drive, SE, Calgary, AB

From the web site:

Wizardworks is a Calgary Web Design company specializing in the creation of comprehensive online solutions.

Our team consists of talented web professionals, each possessing a multitude of web design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online branding experience.

201 – 1215 13 St SE, Calgary, AB


Inbound Interactive Inc.

From the web site:

Founded in 2009 Inbound Interactive is a team of passionate individuals striving towards innovation and growth. Innovation in the technologies we use, develop and share; and growth in our understanding of how these technologies can benefit our clients.

58th Ave SW Calgary AB, T2H 2S3

From the web site:

Dave Vass is the co-founder and visionary behind Local Online Advertising Experts, My Mobile Marketing, and Holy Cow Apps.

Dave’s passion is marketing and he enjoys helping business owners market their businesses more effectively.

#29, 2000 Pegasus Rd. NE, Calgary, AB T2E8K7


Ducktoes SEO

From the web site:

Make a splash on the web with Ducktoes SEO services.

We use the most effective SEO strategies, tools, and skills to move your business to the top of Google. Don’t stay on the back pages any longer. We really can get you to the top of your competition.

902 Centre St. North – Calgary AB, T2E 2P7


Division One

From the web site:

Wanna get noticed on the web and save money doing it? Division 1 Calgary can help you find an Calgary Online Marketing Solution that fits your needs. We build search friendly pages that are easily search engine optimized.

And if that’s not enough, we’re experts at SEO and can easily help you find the right advertising solutions to help your business grow, all at a low cost with Calgary Search Engine Optimization and SEO Services.

501-1324 17th Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB T2T 5S8, Canada


Andy Kuiper

From his site:

There are a number of ways Calgary SEO companies provide optimization services.

Some website owners have a good understanding of website management because they’ve designed and built their own site, or manage it through a content management system like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

1415 – 815 – 4th Ave. SW, Calgary, AB


The Three Marketers

From the web site:

The Three Marketers Inc. was founded in 2003 by Karine Kugler.

The company has since help hundreds of web sites gain online exposure including major corporations such as The Forzani Group, Norfolk Mobility Benefits and Intuit Canada.


Emphasize Design

From the web site:

Helping our valued members achieve remarkable, affordable online results using effective, relevant online strategies. Period. The Internet can be overwhelming.

We understand. But do you have time to run your business AND learn how to become an online marketing specialist?


Epic SEO

From the web site:

When working on the optimization of a company, it is very crucial to ensure that you know what the potential clients are probably looking for before you can embark on the task.

Without a clear understanding of the client behavior or their expectations, you can hardly optimize a website successfully.


CSEO (Calgary Search Engine Optimization)

From the web site:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of any small business marketing strategy.

Today’s business competes on the global stages, as well as within the local community.


If we have missed your company and you would like to be listed here, please email us at

To be in this list you must provide SEO services, and have your head office(s) located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

If you would like your listing removed, email us and we will have your company removed within 48 hours.

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