Our Custom SEO Site Service

At CalgarySEOSpecialists.com we have a unique product that we call the “SEO Site Service”. These sites contain 100% original content, a clean link structure, and they are developed from the ground up to score high in Google.

Google Loves Our SEO Sites!

Our sites are 100% ethical in accordance with Google’s webmaster guidelines. We create original content and a lot of it. We also use the most powerful CMS (content management system), known as WordPress, which we use to elevate SEO Sites to the top of the search results.

Google will never have a problem with fresh, unique content. Never. Your traffic will not stop because Google changes their search engine algorithm – we don’t employ “unethical tricks”. We create user-friendly and search engine friendly sites.

We provide you with a SEO Site site, which benefits you in various ways. VERY important! Some business owners who don’t fully understand how search engines work, usually make a statement somewhat like this;

“We already have a business web site – why would we want another one?”

Below is the answer to this common question.

Why Our SEO Site Service Provides A Fantastic ROI

Most of our clients come to us requiring Internet traffic to their most lucrative product(s) or service(s). This makes sense because all business owners and operators KNOW what makes them the MOST profit.

In almost every case, their existing business web site does not have laser-focused content promoting their most profitable product or service. This causes two detrimental realities for them;

  • running pay-per-click to their existing business site costs a great deal more per click than it would if they owned an Internet domain (site) that focuses specifically on that product or service (Google Adwords spiders the site they are sending shoppers to from their PPC network, and will charge you more per click depending on the score they give the site).
  • getting TOP RANKINGS for their most lucrative product or service is greatly hampered because the search engines want to see a domain (site) that is laser-focused on the product or service.

So the advantage of employing our SEO Site service is also two-fold;

  • your pay-per-click costs in the Adwords network are far less, and your rankings are HIGHER in the paid for results
  • your FREE traffic increases greatly to your most lucrative products and services because Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank your SEO Site far higher than your competition – why? Because your competition is still using their general business web site to try and compete.

If you don’t understand the difference between PAID FOR traffic and FREE traffic from the major search engines, please click here.

Now. After reading the above, if you still don’t “buy it” – you could ask yourself this question…….

“How come Calgary SEO Specialists has never lost a client.”

Answer: The ROI we provide beats any other advertising medium, and we cost less than other SEO companies.


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