Calgary SEO Specialists Launches in Palm Springs Area

Several members of our Calgary SEO Specialists team have been vacationing in the Palm Springs area for over 10 years and they absolutely love the place. In fact they spend more and more time there every year and have made many friends in the area.  One thing they noticed is that many of the business owners go from boom to bust and back again due to the peak winter season and then the hot summer doldrums. We also discovered that many homeowners and tourists live in other parts of the country and they are constantly using the services of the Internet to find suppliers, places to rent, even were to get your wife’s hair done.

As an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) we understand the importance of ranking high on search results in situations like this. If you do not make it to the first page, you probably will not get noticed and you will certainly not get the business. That’s were Calgary SEO Specialist can help to improve your web presence and web marketing to garner more traffic to your site and more customers as well.

The service is now available to  business owners in the Coachella Valley and Palm Springs in particular. We talk about our services and our offer later in this post but if you want to contact a member of our sales team now, click the link  for a free consultation.

If you have an advertising budget and do not feel that it is a good investment. Why not try us for a minimum three months with no contract and assess the results. To summarize, the advantages you gain from our service  are as follows:

  • Optimized SEO Web presence generates qualified leads for your business at reduced cost
  • Lease of an SEO Site dedicated to your business and products
  • Targeted advertising for your business and location in Palm Springs
  • Search trend analysis report for your business in Palm Springs
  • Improved ROI for your advertising $

Once a business owner subscribes to our SEO service we will begin the process of setting up your SEO Site! The services we provide are delivered in the order listed below (Special Note: we do not walk away after your SEO Site once it is is built, we continue to monitor and maintain your SEO Site for as long as you remain with us):

  • Domain Name registration
  • Hosting Services
  • WordPress (CMS) setup, configuration and customization
  • Blog content meeting SEO requirements
  • Blog content meeting mobile smart phone trends
  • Management of ppc/Adwords campaign service
  • Database management and maintenance
  • CMS module and plugin updates
  • Exclusive use of the SEO Site we build, launch, and maintain
  • Content management on domain
  • Content updates
  • Graphic design service for banners/images
  • Spam protection

There are several ways to get in touch with us. You can also email us or call us for a free consultation or you can just sign up for our service, pay your first months subscription and we will contact you to gather the pertinent information we need to get the process started. Subscribing online is easy if you have a PayPal account or a credit card, just click on the above link.

How will SEO Help Me During the Off Season?

Business owners consider Jan – March as the peak season for tourism. Oct to Dec and April to May are considered the shoulder seasons with June to Sept as the off season for tourism. Many business owners even try to get out of the Palm Springs area at this time due to the heat. It can reach 120F on hot summer days. Many business owners cut back on expenses at this time to conserve cash and prepare for the next season. So why would you spend money on advertising during the off season?

Well if I was using traditional advertising methods,  there is no question. Don’t spend the money. Fewer people are watching TV, reading the paper or looking at the yellow pages books in the area. There just not home!  Web advertising changes all of this for several reasons.

People from all over the world are planning their next vacation and they have to book hotels and airlines in order to get what they want when they want it and they are doing this in the off season and shoulder season  time frames. They are looking for things to do while they are in the area and planning their leisure life. They may be looking for golf courses, they may be looking for restaurants to try and they may be looking for real estate to consider as well as a host of others things. If your business is not online and ranked high by the search engines, you are just not going to get noticed. Search engine ranking is complex, but one thing for sure if you pull your site down for several months of the year you will be ranked at the lower end and no one is going to notice you.

Contacting Calgary SEO Specialists

Maximize your advertising dollar today and get ranked well with the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Call us now.

Once you subscribe we will need you to provide some basic information which can be filled in online and once submitted, one of our sales associates will contact you to confirm everything, answer your questions and discuss specifics concerning your products and business that you wish to promote.

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