Calgary SEO Specialists Come to Ottawa

Calgary SEO Specialists have been operating in Calgary for the past eight years and now they are expanding their services to customers in Ottawa, Ontario. With the experience they have gained in the business of optimizing web sites for customers in Canada and the US, they can assist you and your company in the complex world of web marketing.

Calgary SEO Specialists made the decision to expand to the Ottawa area for a number of reasons. We can offer our services here in Ottawa at very competitive rates that we know our customers will appreciate. We also  have local content managers and writers who are familiar with the city. You can contact one of our sales associates for a free consultation.

Compared to what you would spend on other advertising media, using web based advertising is not only less expensive, it is also much more effective with targeted information to customers who are looking for the services and products that you offer. Rates begin with a flat monthly fee of $699 plus HST for a small business SEO package and a client defined Google Adwords budget of $5 to $100 per month that will deliver more qualified customers to your business.

The benefits to a program with the  Ottawa arm of Calgary SEO Specialists is all about the customer and improving their business bottom line. These benefits include:

  • Optimized SEO Web presence generates qualified leads for your business at reduced cost
  • Lease of a SEO Site dedicated to your business and products
  • Targeted advertising for your business and location in Ottawa
  • Search trend analysis report for your business in Ottawa
  • Improved ROI for your advertising $

Once a customer has subscribed to our service, and provided some basic information concerning their products and business, (Our sales associate can help you with that), our experts will take it from there and provide all of the services you need to increase your business. These services will include:

  • Domain Name registration
  • Hosting Services
  • WordPress (CMS) setup, configuration and customization
  • Database management and maintenance
  • CMS module and plugin updates
  • Exclusive use of the SEO Site we build, launch, and maintain
  • Blog content meeting SEO requirements
  • Blog content meeting mobile smart phone trends
  • Management of ppc/Adwords campaign service
  • Content management on domain
  • Content updates
  • Graphic design service for banners/images
  • Spam protection

Most people are just a little bit concerned about signing up for a service on a web site. They want to know that there are real people behind the service and that they will receive the services that are being advertised. There are a number of safeguards that we have built into our offer to meet that concern and increase your confidence. First of all we never store your credit card information online and we prefer to use PayPal for all transactions. Customers can easily see the activity that has taken place on their accounts. We can also track the traffic to your SEO Site and demonstrate the increased interest in your business and your products. You can also email us or call us for a free consultation.

Why Consider SEO at all?

Most people are familiar with the Internet, they access their email accounts, maybe their bank accounts online and probably read the news over the Internet. Many people are also using the online search engines for much more than that to find information that they need for their personal lives as well as for their business needs. The rate of change is growing exponentially with the introduction of smart phones and tablets. Consumers are doing away with traditional phones and yellow pages preferring to use their smart phones to find everything they need.

Over the next five years mobile smart phone solutions are going to dominate the market and if you are not part of this online landscape then a large portion of your potential customers may go somewhere else.

Imagine the following scenario. A consumer is looking for a widget that you sell and is searching online to find a store or even an online supplier who sells this widget. He searches with his smart phone or even his tablet, find the store were he can make his purchase and orders it online. Perhaps this consumer wants to speak to someone. There just happens to be a phone number on the page he or she is looking at and a simple click  puts the consumer in touch with one of your sales people who addresses the questions and makes the sale. This is the future and if you are not part of this new wave of online advertising,  and if you are not ranked on the first page of the search results your going to miss out on a lot of business.

Getting in Touch with Calgary SEO Specialists

Call us today! Click on this link for email addresses and phone numbers.  You can also sign up online. We just need some basic information and we can get started. Subscribing online is easy if you have a PayPal account or a credit card. Once you subscribe we need you to provide some basic information which can be filled in online and once submitted, one of our sales associates will contact you to confirm everything, answer your questions and discuss specifics concerning your products and business that you wish to promote.

We have tried to make it painless and easy for customers to take advantage of the new wave of advertising methods that are now available online. If you still have questions, give us a call, but remember inaction and reliance on existing media advertising is expensive and quickly becoming less efficient for your advertising dollar.

If you would like to see just a sampling of our client base and a video from one of our founders showing of some our work click here. If you want to know why choosing Calgary SEO Specialists is a smart decision, click here.

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