Auto Detailing Calgary – SEO Report for Calgary + Canada Wide

Today’s SEO report is for the Calgary vertical of Auto Detailing. In this report we are including all of Canada and Calgary specific. Of course there is a strong flow of traffic looking for auto detailing services, and below we show examples of competition levels.

First lets see the traffic volume as per our data sources;



We have done some preliminary research in regards to competition levels and domain name choices – the best bet is to use the phrase MOBILE AUTO DETAILING in the domain, and add the city – for example.


Then we have to get the domain talking nicely with Google, Bing, and Yahoo using our CMS structure and then get our writers to add good content each week out of the gate.

TimeLine for Google Domination

Primary Keyword = mobile auto detailing calgary

It will take between 2-3 weeks to be on the first page of Google.COM, and about 3 months to capture Google.CA. 6-7 months for total Google domination of primary keyword and all secondary keywords – this includes domination in all Google indexes regardless of Google local indexes.

Our competition is light-moderate.

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About Staff

The CSEOS (Calgary SEO Specialists) staff maintain the is site in accordance with Google's webmaster guidelines. Different writers will be contributing from time to time.

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