Affordable SEO Services in Ottawa

Finding an affordable SEO services package in the Ottawa area is easy enough. There are lots of companies that offer web site building services with claims that they are SEO optimized etc etc. However if you are in business you already know that as with any service or product that you buy, the services you receive can vary a great deal for what you pay. How does a business owner really know if they are getting the best deal and what will the long term value and cost be? As with anything a little education helps and then you can assess if you are really receiving affordable SEO services in Ottawa or anywhere else for that matter.

What do You Really Need to be Search Engine Optimized?

Opinions vary, but most SEO experts feel that there are over 100 variables that go into designing a site that meets SEO parameters. However as with most things there are some key elements that make more of a difference than others. Here is a short list of what we believe are the main attributes a web site needs to rank well in Google search results or one of the other search engines.

  • Domain name consistent with your service or product
  • Hosting that has excellent response times
  • Efficient content management system
  • Content that is keyword sensitive to the products and services that you offer
  • Links from other quality web sites
  • Well written content that is from 700 to 1500 words per page, with pictures
  • Easy navigation on your pages, no broken links
  • Fresh content , at least every week on subject and well written

If you do not have at least these attributes, you really do not stand a chance of being ranked well by the search engines. We ensure that your SEO site is optimized in this manner plus all of the other attributes too numerous too mention. In fact our designers and writers have years of experience developing web sites that routinely make it on to the first or second page of Google’s search results.

Back to Affordable SEO Services in Ottawa

Now that we have discussed a little of what it takes to have an SEO site that garners lots of traffic, we need to talk about what is affordable. We have seen companies that offer less expensive services than ours and claim their web sites are SEO.  However when you begin comparing details you will quickly find that there are many differences in the level of service and the traffic that can be delivered. providing fresh content every week is one area that stands out.

You can check out our service details and our pricing structure on several of the links on the right hand side of this page. All you need to do, to take advantage of our service is to subscribe online, provide us the details of your business and participate in a call with us were we collect the information needed to get your SEO site up and running. We do not require a contract, however we suggest a minimum subscription of 3 months to begin seeing some of the ranking and traffic patterns that you desire for your web site. Sometimes Google takes a month or two to rank web pages, however on many it is within a few weeks. One of our pages got ranked the very next day however it really depends on Google’s bots surfing and indexing the net.

As a business owner you need to focus on your business and making it successful. Part of that decision process is were to spend your advertising dollars and web advertising is one more area that you can add to your war chest in addition to traditional media such as news paper, yellow pages, radio and TV spots. These latter areas are taking less and less of the advertising market as web marketing demonstrates increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Try us out for several months. We are confident that you will not be disappointed and we believe that we can help grow your business. We are interested in building a long term relationship that helps both of our companies grow. Take a moment now to review our web site at Calgary SEO Specialists, subscribe to our service or ask for one of our SEO associates to contact you for further discussion and clarification our services and your questions.

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