Monthly Archives: April 2012

Search Engine Traffic Report for “Hardwood Liquidators” – Canada and Calgary

Below is our search engine traffic report around the keyword phrases in the Hardwood Flooring vertical. Specifically created for a hardwood liquidator company.

All data averaged over 2011 monthly and rounded off. Our extrapolation script employed to provide a conservative estimate on the search volume.


As you can see, compared to other retail and wholesale verticals, there is a heavy amount of traffic for hardwood flooring.

Our job is to launch and build a powerful SEO Site that captures as much of this search traffic as possible.

Please contact us for more information if your company wants to use the Internet to drive leads.

Search Engine Traffic Volume Averages for “Office Phone Systems” – Canada and Calgary

Here we have a full keyword phrase traffic report for “Office Phone Systems” and since the volume is high we averaged out the numbers from the 2011 data samples.

So with conservative traffic estimates in mind we have knocked down our Calgary ONLY traffic for this vertical to 3433 using our extrapolation algo.

Lots of traffic for these keyword phrases, and our job is to build a powerful SEO Site to capture as much of the Calgary market as possible.

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