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Contract or No Contract SEO Services in Palm Springs

Calgary SEO Specialists announced that they are offering search engine optimized services in the Palm Springs California area. There are several features that we wanted to bring to potential clients attention regarding these services. Clients can choose between a contracted service and a no contract service. Both have advantages for the client and it really depends on the clients business needs  regarding what makes more sense for their business. We believe that these rate packages are tailored made for our clients.

No Contract SEO Services in Palm Springs

Calgary SEO Specialists offers a no contract service that our clients can simply subscribe to using PayPal or their credit card. There is no commitment in terms of how long you need to commit to this service, although we suggest that a minimum of three months would be appropriate. Essentially what a client is doing with this package is leasing a cyber site with a domain name and a leased hosted site and leased content that we prepare. It is original and not copied from any other site. Three months is approximately the time that is needed to build the cyber site the client will lease and for the search engines to index the site and begin delivering traffic in the form of qualified customers to the client in the Palm Springs area.

We manage all of the domain name registration, the web site hosting, the customization of the site and the population of the content to the site. Other than providing basic information about the products and services you wish to advertise, clients can focus on their main business while we build your cyber advertising site.  As we mentioned there is no commitment, however if a client decides to discontinue their subscription, they lose access to the traffic and customers  that this site delivers to you. In fact your cyber site could be reassigned to a competitor should they subscribe to the same service.

No contract SEO services can be the best approach for many customers who are new to web advertising and Search Engine Optimization. With no commitment and low pricing, clients can learn about the services and asses the results of the advertising campaign. Once you are satisfied with the service, clients can simply stay with the no contract subscription or they can discuss converting over to a contracted service. The next section of this post talks about one specific scenario were a contract will be required, however there are many options for contracting and Calgary SEO Services is open to further discussions in this area.

Contract SEO Services in Palm Springs

There are some clients who prefer to take more control over their online presence and want to own the rights to the domain name and the content that is developed for the site. This is all part of optimizing a site for search engines and it is important to know that this information would become the property of the client in this scenario. Calgary SEO Specialists is suggesting a commitment of a one year contract at this SEO service level. Calgary SEO Specialists  provides all of the same services to the client including Domain name registration and hosting, however the registration will be in the name of the client. They will own the rights to this information.

In addition, Calgary SEO Specialists will configure the site, maintain it and develop all content for the site and ownership will transfer automatically to the client with a one year contract commitment. This gives the client the control and ownership that they are looking for.

Which Contract Option Should I Select?

We are entirely flexible regarding which contract option you select. For many customers they are pressed for time and need to focus on their core business needs without having to think about domain name registration or content monitoring. In a contract scenario, we will build the site for you, however at some point it must transfer to the client since they own the rights to the site.  Many clients just want to focus on the core business and if the advertising brings more clients, then they are very happy. Going with the no contract SEO option provides a worry free option that clients can subscribe to and terminate at any time. There are no strings attached and as long as the client is satisfied with the service we are confident that you will continue with your subscription.

Clients can of course switch at some later point from no contract to a contracted service. Negotiations  would take place at the time to discuss and agree to whatever features and deliverable s are desired.  Rest assured we at Calgary SEO Specialists are here to deliver results to satisfied clients. Let’s discuss any specific needs that you may have .

Will My Cyber Site Evolve with the Needs of Web Marketing?

We all know that the internet is growing exponentially and it is evolving every month as people around the world try to figure out how best to use the capabilities of the network to meet their business objectives. Whether you sign up for a sub-scripted service with our company or take a one year contract, rest assured that we will continuously update and tweak your cyber site to ensure that it is optimized for the search engines.

Google is well known for tweaking their search engine algorithm and we make it our business to stay abreast of these changes. If your site needs to be adjusted or tweaked in some manner to ensure that your site continues to be ranked well in search engine results.

More and more people are converting to smart phones and using these phones to find whatever service or product they need. Your cyber site will also be optimized for smart phone browsing and the evolving capabilities of the smart phone user.

Check us out today at Calgary SEO Specialists and subscribe to our service today.

SEO Report for Financial Planning in Calgary

Below is our keyword search volume report for the financial planning vertical in Calgary. This is an extremely competitive search market, but we did find a hole in the competition. Will not publish the available domain we found here (we learned that lesson the hard way long ago).

The keyword traffic report below is for Calgary and only in – you can add another 26%-28% for Bing and Yahoo! for a general idea of the traffic total in the big three. 80% of Canadians use Google though.

Financial Planning + Services – Search Volume in Google

Google Trends Report of Financial Planning

This is just an FYI report which is taken from a data sample for all of Canada. Some companies are interested to see the search volume for their vertical(s) over the past years. This report can be viewed by clicking here. This report is for all of Canada and for the keyword phrase “financial planning”.

Keyword Phrase Competition Samples

Below are three different phrase queries in to find out the respective competition levels we are dealing with. The following screenshots were taken from (2012-02-24, 16:43:21). These are the three different search queries we ran;

  • financial planners calgary
  • financial planning calgary
  • financial services calgary

Financial Planners Calgary

Financial Planning Calgary


Financial Services Calgary



Highly competitive for primary keywords, but as you can see, there is a lot of room for grabbing traffic if the correct disciplines are applied.

The campaign we would run would be laser focused in PPC and in the organic/natural results.

Due to the competition levels we recommend an aggressive approach utilizing our ownership package. Why? Because our team will have to invest a lot of time in content creation to compete in this vertical. We can compete with the rental package, but not as effectively. Higher competition means more content, and content is costly.


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