Why Choose Us? (Technical)

So you may have checked out many of our pages and posts here at Calgary SEO Specialists and you may have read about our services, and you may have checked out our current price structure(s). So you may be asking yourself;

“Why should I use your service, and not some other SEO company?”

Excellent question.

Biggest Reason For Choosing Us – “Technical Recipe”

The first, and most important reason why choosing CSEOS over other SEO companies is because of our “technical recipe“.

We are going to delve into the technical aspects a little bit here, and if you are familiar with Apache database structure(s), CMS platforms, and the PHP language, then it will make perfect sense – if not, I provide the “English” version below.

Over the last 10 years we have been on a quest to create web sites that can beat their respective competition over the test of time.

This has resulted in many 16-18 hour days of writing code, testing modules, plugins, databases, and CMS platforms (including Drupal, WordPress, etc.). Much of this work was trial and error and it takes a period of six months (at least) to test any idea to see if the idea is successful with Google, Bing,Yahoo!, etc.

The outcome of this exhaustive work and experimentation has been worth the time that went into it. At this point we can be certain to out rank the vast majority of respective online competitors in any vertical we choose to compete in. The competitors we were grappling against were massive online entities that compete in the United States, where the highest levels of competition exist. We still succeeded far beyond our initial expectations.

This is the end result of what we had to do in order to make the above a reality (in brief);

  • custom WordPress CMS
  • custom plugins (CMS modules)
  • custom CMS themes
  • custom database configurations
  • specific content traits
  • and much, much more….

Now All Of The Above in English

In short, and in English.

We utilize a fully customized, web based, content management system that communicates digitally with the major search engines, resulting in higher rankings for your products and services.


Brent Truitt

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