About Calgary SEO Specialists

CalgarySEOSpecialists.com is a division of Bonavista Web Inc., which is a Calgary-based web development company operating in Southern Alberta, with Brent Truitt at the helm.

Our mission is to build clean, fast loading, and highly ranked web properties for business operators and owners. Click here for a short slide show on our team's expertise.

All of the web pages we publish for our customers adhere strictly to Google's webmaster guidelines.

Team Canada

Brent Truitt - Owner, founder, and head of organic search optimization.

Brent has been working on web properties since 1998, at the dawn of the Internet as we know it. His expertise are as follows; Organic search optimization, web site development, PPC management, business blogging, PHP language coding, plugin development, content development, and content editing.

Betty Truitt - Owner, founder, and head of paid search optimization.

Betty has been working in the Internet field since 2003, and headed up the launch of Bonavista Web Inc.

Dave Tycholiz - CSEOS Lead Sales Associate (Western Canada/United States)

Dave is our lead sales associate for Calgary SEO Specialists, and is highly regarded as an Internet marketing expert. He is the go-to-person when you want to understand your businesses options when procuring SEO services. Contact him here.

Paul Richardson - Contract Sales Associate/Content Administration

Paul is a native of Ontario and is an Electrical Engineer who has diverse experience in telecommunications, technical support and management positions. He has proven skills in large complex systems needs assessment, analysis, evaluation, administration and supervision. Paul has worked as an International telecommunications consultant for the past eleven years.

Recently he has turned his attention to Search Engine Optimization and the Emerging Advertising opportunities that are presented by the Internet. You can reach Paul for a free consultation on how our service can improve your bottom line through SEO and Mobile advertising on the Web.

International Team

Writing Staff - Calgary SEO Specialists employs writers based in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Programmers - Calgary SEO Specialists employs PHP coders located in Canada, India, USA, UK, and Indonesia.

Graphic Design Artists - Calgary SEO Specialists employs graphic design artists located in Canada, India, and the USA

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